Ways Your Electronic Newsletter Could Be Failing

Meeting your customers in their email inbox is an excellent way to stay in touch and keep your services at the top of their minds. However, business owners can sometimes overstay their welcome, making customers hit the “unsubscribe” button quickly. Here are just a few ways that you could be decreasing your readers when it comes to your electronic newsletter.

You send your newsletter too often
People are serious about the amount of spam inside their email inboxes, and you are at risk of decreased subscribers if you are sending out electronic newsletters too often. Try a weekly, monthly or quarterly schedule depending on your current clients and potential audience.

You send newsletters inconsistently
All too often, we see business owners sending out newsletters on a whim and inconsistently. Choose a consistent schedule for your newsletters and stick with it. Your customers will grow to appreciate the regularity of your emails and will even look forward to them coming through.

Your newsletter is too long
Newsletters are not meant to be chock full of 500 word articles. Instead, newsletters are ideal for teasing a few blog posts and getting the reader to click a “Read More” button to be taken to your website. You run the risk of decreasing readership for every scroll down required to see each piece.

Your newsletter is too busy or visually distracting
Design is just as important as content when it comes to electronic newsletters. Use a design that complements your brand logo and colors, and that does not include too many uneven sections. Do use a few photos to break up the monotony of text, but make sure the photos are well done and don’t look too much like posed stock photos (even if they are).

Your newsletter doesn’t include calls to action
The purpose of your newsletter is to keep clients in the loop and to increase your digital presence. However, if your newsletter doesn’t include calls to action and buttons that users can click to navigate back to your website, you are missing out on drawing those new users in.

Newsletters are a wonderful way to give your business a personality, and to touch base with users who may not be on social media often. Let’s work together to be sure you are reaching your readers with good information and engagement; give us a call todayto find out how we can help!

Published by
Andrew Sansardo

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