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What Is AI Advertising, and Do I Need It?

Chances are good you’re familiar with most types of digital advertising and marketing. Social media marketing, PPC ads, and the like are essential parts of any modern marketer’s toolbox. However, they usually refer to advertising on a particular platform. Social media marketing involves using sites like Facebook and Instagram to market your business. AI advertising is something else entirely. What is it and does your business need to harness it?

What Is AI Advertising?

AI advertising doesn’t involve a platform per se. Instead, it’s a process. You use AI like ChatGPT to create the advertisements and marketing collateral that you’ll use on other platforms. AI can be used to create targeted ads, automate processes, surface insights, optimize bidding strategies, and even spot trends and anticipate user needs, all of which help you create more effective advertising that moves the needle with your audience and for your business.

Do You Need AI Advertising?

AI is a powerful tool. It’s also here to stay. Does that mean you should use it in your marketing efforts? While AI certainly has a place in today’s marketing industry, it’s not necessarily a tool for end users (businesses looking to expand their reach). Instead, it’s like most other marketing and advertising tools – something best suited for specialists to use to amplify their efforts on your behalf.

The truth about AI advertising is that these tools can greatly enhance the results you experience, but only if you know what you’re doing with them. It takes considerable insight, experience, and expertise to use AI to create compelling ad creative based on user data, as an example.

There’s also the fact that this type of AI is embodied in tools designed for marketing and advertising specialists to use. For instance, Google Ads, Taboola, Invoca, and others are not designed for businesses like yours, but for experienced digital marketing agencies and teams to use. This is also important to avoid potential inaccuracies in data, lack of creativity in marketing collateral and campaigns, and possible data privacy issues caused by AI collecting sensitive information from consumers.

Answering the AI Advertising Question

Ultimately, AI is an important tool that you need to harness to enhance your advertising’s reach and effectiveness. However, that doesn’t mean you need to use it yourself or burden your already overloaded team with it. Instead, work with an Internet marketing agency that understands the power and potential of these new tools and can put them to work on your behalf.

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