What Are Your Online Ads Saying About Your Business?

For decades, business owners relied on printed advertisements in phone books, newspapers and magazines to get the word out about their services. However, you cannot rely simply on printed copy if you are hoping to reach new customers in today’s technological age. Your business should be spending marketing money on online advertisements that will connect with your intended audience. Even more importantly, your online advertisements should be sending a strong – and positive – message about who you are and what you offer. What are your online ads saying about your business? You may be surprised.

We are too busy or distracted to update our information
Are you conveying a disorganized or distracted image for your business? If you have online ads currently running that are advertising outdated promotions, or are not in tune with the current season (running winter promotions in the springtime, etc.), you could be hitting the wrong note with readers.

We are not detail oriented
If your online ads include spelling or grammatical errors, it can convey the impression that you are not detail oriented. Be sure your ads have been proofread by multiple people in your office before they are displayed.

We aren’t sure who our customers are
If you are attempting to run online advertisements on Facebook, Google, or another platform, you need to know who your customers are in order to reach them. For example, if your ad for a senior care community is running in the newsfeed of a twenty-something young professional, you are not utilizing algorithms accurately for targeted marketing.

We don’t exactly know what we are doing when it comes to design
Poorly done advertisements that include outdated fonts or design templates can demonstrate that you are winging it. Besides, thrown together ads aren’t pleasing to the eye and can turn customers off.

Your ads need to be targeted, beautiful, and timely in order to get the most bang for your buck, plain and simple. Ready to get started with a team of design professionals who know the ins and outs of online advertising? Give Search SEO Chicagoa call; we are ready to help you reach your customers and grow your online presence.

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Andrew Sansardo

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