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How to Reach Your Facebook Audience

Are you struggling with engaging your Facebook audience? With new algorithms changing to reflect less business interaction in a typical Facebook feed, many small business owners have noticed their engagement levels decreasing significantly. While you cannot control the algorithms set by Facebook, you can alter your content to better reach your audience and get your engagement back on track to capture new potential customers.

Consistency is Key
The biggest mistake most business owners make is simply not posting to Facebook on a consistent schedule. While every post may not make its way into every client’s feed, there is a better chance of engagement when you post at least 3-5 times per week.

Ask for Engagement
When a reader engages with your post, it increases your chance of others seeing your post. In order to increase the likes or comments on your post, ask for it! A great post could be, “We love seeing our customers for Mother’s Day and have some amazing specials you will love. Like this post if we can expect to see you on Sunday to celebrate.” Asking readers to like, comment, or tag someone in the comments can increase your engagement scores and even bring your post into the newsfeeds of new potential friends.

Give Good Content
When posting on Facebook for your business, give readers content they want to see. If you are a small business that installs windows or doors, give content that homeowners may enjoy. In contrast, if you are a dog training company, give content that focuses on canine best friends. When you can connect with your readers and give them content they enjoy (and want to read), they will engage with your posts more.

Offer Specials
Get into the habit of offering Facebook only specials once per quarter. Over time, you will notice customers taking advantage of these promotions and even sharing your posts with their friends.

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