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Topics for Your Next Facebook Live

Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, business owners now have a direct line of communication with their current and potential customers. The only problem? Most business owners are not taking advantage of this connection and encouraging conversations that can lead to customer loyalty and increased brand awareness.

When is the last time your company led a Facebook Live? If you have been too nervous to try it out, you are missing the chance to build your brand and connect directly with customers. Facebook Live also allows you to give out information immediately to your stakeholders and potential customers. An added benefit? You’ll be reaching more customers than your “normal” content on social media.

The best way to feel confident with using Facebook Live is to start using it. Practice makes perfect, and your viewers don’t expect you to be amazing from the start. Instead, choose topics that are easy for you to talk about and keep your live streams relatively short (less than 5 minutes). Then, add guest speakers and longer presentations as you become more familiar with the medium.

Topics for Your Business

Here are a few Facebook Live topics that can be customized to almost any business. Develop your own list of topics and choose a day and time once per week to commit to jumping on Facebook Live with your community.

  • Give a tour of your office
  • Introduce a customer service representative or another employee that would have a lot of initial contact with customers
  • Roll out a new product or service
  • Introduce a sale or upcoming special pricing event
  • Answer commonly asked questions
  • Talk about how your business began
  • Demonstrate how to use a product or service
  • Highlight recent positive reviews or feedback
  • Show a product or service in action

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