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Three Things to Include on Your Company’s Website

Everyone is looking for ways to find more customers online. Unfortunately, most businesses have a website that is lackluster, difficult to navigate, and simply not engaging enough to entice browsers to click on the “contact us” or “buy now” button. 

At Search SEO Chicago, we work closely with businesses of all sizes to create a website that maximizes engagement. What might work for some websites will not always work for others, as each business – and each customer – is unique. However, there are at least three items you should include on your company website. 

Do you have each of these represented on your website? Now is a great time to complete a quick audit and assessment to see what opportunities you might be missing.

An Easy to Understand Definition of Services

Visitors to your website should be able to easily and quickly discover what your company does or sells. If readers need to scroll down and read a paragraph before they realize what your company provides, it’s too much effort and you will lose engagement and potential new customers.

Instead, ensure a brief definition of services is clearly listed at the top of your home page and subsequent pages. A tag line under your branded logo is a common way to check this box, though you can find other ways to make it happen in your design as well.

A Strong Call to Action

Once readers know what your company does or provides, they need to be compelled to make that first step to procure your services. A strong call to action on your home page and subsequent pages should create a sense of urgency without seeming too much like a sales pitch.

You can create your own call to action based on each webpage or your site, or you can inquire about content writing services to have a professional craft yours.

Beautiful and Simple Design

While it can feel tempting to create a website that is bustling with activity (after all, your company has so much to offer), resist the urge to overstuff your website with different photos, colors, fonts, and other elements. Instead, keep your overall design simple and well branded. Readers will appreciate the approach and they will spend more time on your site reading instead of quickly becoming overstimulated.

Striking the balance between simple design, strong calls to action, and definition of services can be overwhelming for most business owners. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it on your own. The team at Search SEO Chicago is here to take care of it for you, leaving you with an outstanding website that you’ll love.

Call us today to tell us more about your business so that we can work together to craft an exceptional website that represents your business well.

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Andrew Sansardo

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