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How Smartphones Are Changing Your Business

Nearly every adult in the country has a smartphone, and uses it…a lot. A recent study showed that adults spent an average of 2 hours and 51 minutes on their smartphones each day. That is nearly 90 hours per month! With smartphones offering the technology to bring us services and connection in a convenient way, it is not difficult to see why we just can’t seem to put them back in our pockets.

Smartphones have been changing the way we interact, connect, order food, find new information, and work for years now. Your customers are using their smartphones to find products and services – can they find you?

Easily Consumable Content

Smartphones give us the chance to search online and explore the internet as easily as using our desktop or tablet. However, a smartphone screen is considerably smaller than a computer which means the experience is a bit different for the smartphone user. When you are developing content for your website, it is important to make sure the experience transfers easily to the smartphone as well. This means keeping your content full of shorter paragraphs, summary headlines, and brief descriptions in order to keep customers engaged and scrolling through.

Online Reviews and Reputation

The internet gave everyone a voice, and the smartphone allows our voices to be heard instantly, anywhere we are. Unfortunately, this can mean any customer with a bad experience and a smartphone can blast your business with a poor review before you even have the chance to intercede. Keep an eye on your online review sites and mentions so that you can handle a disgruntled customer situation effectively and efficiently.

Quick Searches

Your business is searchable for more than just your website. Your social media pages, as well as online review sites and even personal pages, are only a few keywords away for customers looking to engage with a company they love and respect. Assure your digital personality and company culture matches your “in real life” one so that you can capture potential customers online and off.

The team at Search SEO Chicago is ready to assist you in making your content ready for smartphone users. Give us a call to talk more about your strategy and goals.

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