Blogs and Google’s Big Change to Viewing Them

Google is more than just a major internet search engine. It is a company that is constantly focused on customer experience, including speed. The team at Google wants their browsers to get the information they are searching for as fast as possible, whether browsing from their phone or from their desktop computer.

Over the past few years, Google noticed that customers were experiencing lag time from when they clicked on a website via their search and when they were able to pull up the content. This was an especially prevalent problem with searchers using a smartphone.

Google decided it would try to speed the process along, giving customers a faster and more pleasant experience. They implemented the option for WordPress users to use Google AMP, to assure mobile users are directed to websites quickly and easily.

What Does It Mean For You?
You work hard on producing regular content for your blog or resource page of your website. You don’t do all that work for no one to see it! If browsers are able to quickly access your webpage, they are more likely to engage with the content and potentially even convert to a customer.

If you work with the team at Search SEO Chicago, we are already up to speed on Google AMP and what it means for our clients and their customers. If you don’t work with us, this is one digital marketing tactic you do notwant to attempt to DIY. In fact, searching AMP will only lead you into an internet rabbit hole about programming coding. Save yourself the trouble and give us a call to chat more about it.

We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with shifting recommendations, programs, approaches, and algorithms throughout the internet space. Let’s work together to get your digital marketing plan on track, using the most updated information and interventions. Give us a call today to get started.