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Get the Most Out of Your Positive Customer Reviews

There is nothing quite like a pat on the back, a note of thanks, or a word of mouth referral for your business. Hearing your company is making customers happy means all your hard work (and the hard work of your employees) is paying off – it feels great! However, when you hear those words of appreciation or positivity, are you spreading the love to your team or your potential customers? Here are a few ways you can get the most out of your next positive customer reviews.

Ask Them to Post a Digital Review

If you hear a customer is happy with your services or product, don’t feel too timid to ask the customer to post a digital review. A positive review on Facebook, Google, or Yelp can go a long way for building your reputation and for even increasing your SEO score. But, most customers don’t think of taking their positive words to the digital space until you ask them.

Highlight Positive Reviews on Social Media

Choose a day of the week or month to highlight a positive review via your social media feed. Create a hashtag and special image that draws attention to the consistent post and use direct quotes from a verbal or digital review.

Make a Video

You can increase the impact of a positive customer review by turning it into a video. Invite the customer to your office to record their experience. Post the video to your website and social media feeds.

Create a Story

Positive customer reviews transition well to a blog post that tells their story. Write about how the customer found you, why they needed your service, and what their experience was working with you. A well-told story rooted in a positive review looks great on your website and is very shareable content for your social media feed.

Not sure how to engage customers with your positive reviews? We can develop a plan just for you. Give the Search SEO Chicago team a call to get started today; your enhanced online presence is our goal.

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