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When you take the time to compose a blog post or resource article for your business website, you want people to actually see it, read it, and find it valuable. This type of engagement is more likely to lead to sales and loyal visitors to your web space. However, creating amazing content doesn’t have the desired effect if you don’t know how to get the link passed around from social media site to social media site, friend to friend. Here are a few tips to create shareable content that will get customers reading your contributions:

Make it Interesting

Keep your blog posts and resource articles industry relevant as well as interesting for all readers. Steer clear of using too much technical jargon and instead focus on writing for the average browser who could be searching for your service.

Make it Relevant

Writing about winter roofing issues in the middle of an unseasonably warm autumn won’t be as effective as writing about DIY projects to complete during the last of the warm weather for the season. Keep your content relevant to your local area and industry to see the best results.

Make it Catchy

A catchy title or topic can go a long way to encourage clicks and shares. Try listicle style titles (10 Signs Your Child Needs a Tutor) or titles that create urgency (Make Your Child’s Next Tutor Appointment More Helpful by Doing This Now). Steer clear of making your titles seem like clickbait while still capturing browser attention.

Encourage Sharing

When you create content and post it to your social media feed, encourage readers to share the link with friends. You can also lead by example by sharing your content on the social media pages of local partners or organizations that would find the information helpful.

Be the Expert

No matter what content you create, you want to position yourself as an industry expert. If you are able to do this effectively, your content is more likely to be shared as expert advice among groups of friends.

Creating effective content is difficult for most business owners, but we can help. Our team is stocked with designers and writers who can create content for you and get it out for others to see, like, and share. Call Search SEO Chicago today to get started.

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