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Connecting with Your Customers Online

No matter your business, product, or service, you can find and educate potential customers in the online space. Unfortunately, most business owners are either reluctant to tap into the potential of digital marketing or they start out energetic but lose enthusiasm during the daily grind of digital client communication. Make 2020 the year you commit to connecting to your customers in the online space with a few of our tried and true tips.

Social Media Should Be Fun

Most people, including you, jump on social media as a delightful way to procrastinate or find some enjoyment during the day. People search their feed for funny or inspiring words or stories and will tend to share what brings them joy. Your business social media feed should offer more than just straight marketing (buy our product, see our new service, etc.). Your business social media feed should feel professional yet casual and should offer shareable content and content that will bring joy to your followers.

Create a Conversation

Your social media feed, blog comments, and other parts of your digital marketing should open up a conversation between you and potential customers. Be sure to pose questions or start polls that will increase communication, and never leave any comment unattended. You have the opportunity to create a community online with your customers, which will lead to increased loyalty and increase future purchases.

Show Your Face

Digital marketing can sometimes feel a little impersonal. However, if you commit to doing it correctly, your digital marketing campaign can be one more way for your customers and potential clients to get to know you and your team. Don’t be afraid or too shy to show off your face, your office, and your voice via your digital marketing campaign. The more you make your digital marketing personal, the more likely you are to engage new customers and keep loyal followers.

Let Us Help

Digital marketing is complex, and most business owners or in-house marketing professionals don’t have the time or energy to get it done well. That’s where we come in. The team at Search SEO Chicago works with each of our clients to customize a digital marketing plan that will help them reach their goals. Invest in our services and have peace of mind that your digital marketing campaign is efficient and successful.

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