Marketing Hacks to Make 2020 Easier and More Successful

The new year is here, which means you are gearing up to crush your business goals for 2020. If your business goals include one devoted to marketing efficiency and success, we’ve got some tips to help you make forward movement throughout the year. Remember, marketing success relies on you knowing your audience and planning ahead of time on how you will connect with them.

Automate Monthly Marketing Meetings

At a minimum, you need to review your marketing efforts at least monthly with your team. During your time together, you can see what is working and what isn’t, as well as plan for upcoming digital and print initiatives. To make marketing check-in meetings a non-negotiable on your calendar, send out invitations to applicable team members for the rest of the year right now. Getting those dates in the calendar now will make it easier to stay on task with your marketing meet-ups.

Try a Theme

Themes can make marketing efforts a breeze, giving inspiration for creativity without tying you down too tightly. Monthly or quarterly themes work well, and you can develop digital and print campaigns to match the theme. Try a seasonal theme or focus on a particular product or service. Then, create content around that focus for the month or quarter.

Don’t Double the Work

Businesses of all sizes need a comprehensive digital and print (or “in real life”) campaign in order to be effective and capture customers. However, you don’t necessarily have to do double the work to get both campaigns up and running. Instead, see what content, copy, or images you have that could work for both. Highlighting a specific service via an image in print? Use it for your social media profile picture. Wrote a great resource post online for customers? Print it out and mail it to new leads.

Invest in Professional Help

Digital marketing that is done right requires a comprehensive approach that focuses on SEO, digital advertisings, social media, and engaging content. If you don’t have the bandwidth to make it a priority daily, now is the time to invest in professional assistance through Search SEO Chicago. Our team is dedicated to providing digital marketing services to every client we serve, all individualized and customized to your specific goals.

Call us today to get started. Your 2020 marketing plan just got a lot easier.