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Make Your Newsletter Stand Out

Today’s world is one where business owners must aim to meet potential clients in a variety of places. Now, most companies have much more than just a print media campaign. Your customers and potential clients are busy and everyone has a specific preference for how they like to get their information. Some people prefer social media while others prefer the newspaper. Some people respond to television ads while others enjoy catching up via electronic newsletters.

One thing is certain: if you are sticking with just one marketing approach, you are missing more than half of your potential clients.

Your company’s electronic newsletter is one tool in your marketing box that you may not be using as effectively as possible. In a world with clogged e-mail inboxes, here’s how you can stand out.

Build Excitement

Sending out your newsletter monthly or quarterly is not enough. Instead, you have to tell people you are doing it (and that you did it) so they can remember to check their inbox for it. Jump on social media to highlight your upcoming release, including a blurb about what will be included in the newsletter. You can also post a direct link to your published newsletter to your social media feed.

Print It Out

If you are spending the time working on your newsletter, get the most out of it! Consider printing out your newsletter to include in your “in real life” marketing efforts as well. Put the latest copy in your billing statements or at the front desk of your office, or even in marketing folders you take with you to new client meetings.

Stay Consistent

There is nothing worse than a newsletter that doesn’t come consistently. You can lose subscribers or frustrate readers. Remember, your newsletter doesn’t have to be monthly to be effective. Stretching out your timeline to quarterly can help you stay consistent and develop content to fill it up.

If it’s been a while since you have updated your electronic newsletter strategy, it could indicate other digital marketing efforts are lacking. Call the team at Search SEO Chicago to get back on track. We provide full-service digital marketing services for our clients that improve traction and increase sales.

Let’s get to work together.

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