When Should You Boost a Social Media Post

When businesses began using Facebook and other social media outlets as an easy (and free) way to capture new clients, marketing professionals took notice. How could they help businesses leverage their captive social media audience and convert those “likes” into sales? The answer, initially, was to create posts that shared services or products that went out to the masses online.

However, Facebook and other social media outlets quickly realized they should be capitalizing on marketing efforts. Nowadays, it is difficult to gain any traction on social media business sites without paying for boosts. Here are a few times when you may consider paying for a social media boost.

Gaining Followers

If you are new to the business social media world, you need followers to your page. Boosting a video or post about who you are and what you provide can be a wise investment to gain exposure or increase your follower base.

New Content

If you have new content, such as a relevant blog post you wrote or an updated website, you want to show it off to the world! Why not pay for a boost, putting the post into the feeds of users in your area or who are interested in your services? You can gain followers, as well as increase the chance of users sharing your content with their social media friends as well.

Staying Relevant

A regular boosted post, perhaps each month or quarter, can help a business with a regular following continue their momentum. Consider this your social media maintenance marketing. It will keep your business page in the feeds of your current followers and perhaps introduce your page to new followers as well.

Get Help

Social media can feel like the wild west without the right guidance or advice. If you aren’t sure why your social media page is tanking, or if you aren’t sure how to communicate with that audience, we are here to help. The team at Search SEO Chicago can create engaging content and offer guidance on when – and how – to boost your business on social media. 

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