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Make Your Electronic Newsletter Stand Out

Email inboxes are a hot commodity, and owners take their email space seriously. Spam folders around the internet are filled to capacity, and people are more likely to delete an email from a company than open it, let alone read it and engage with it.

However, electronic newsletters are still an important part of your digital marketing campaign. Not everyone who signs up for your newsletter will open it, read it, or click on a link inside it. But, you are missing out on the opportunity to connect with some clients if you skip it altogether. Here are a few ways you can make your electronic newsletter stand out from the crowded inboxes of your subscribers.

Pick a Great Subject Line

A great subject line can create a curious reader who is more likely to click “open” and read your content. Choose a line that leaves the reader hanging or wanting to know more. Another good way to increase attention in the inbox queue – clever use of a few emojis. Don’t go crazy with them; a few will keep things looking professional yet fun.

Create Newsletter Only Content or Specials

Encourage clients or potential customers to open your newsletter by creating specials or content that only get into the newsletter. An extra coupon code for 10% off or a link to a free music playlist can encourage loyal readers.

Keep It Short and Sweet

The more your readers have to scroll to get information, the higher the chance you will lose them. Your newsletter should be designed to drive customers back to your website or social media page. Give teasers of articles you posted on your blog with a button to “read more” or give a direct link to your social media feed.

Less Is More

This rule of thumb works for multiple facets of electronic newsletters. Make your newsletters consistent, but don’t overproduce them. For example, one newsletter per month or per quarter is better than one per week. You also want to stick with a clean and simple design. Make it easy to navigate and when in doubt, opt for fewer bells and whistles.

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