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Common DIY Website Design Mistakes

Most small business owners wear many hats, and rely on their own determination to launch their services. For many business owners, this means using software templates to create an online website to capture browsers, convert them into customers, and create a digital personality that will increase customer loyalty.

Fortunately, there are plenty of templates online that can make creating a website relatively easy. Unfortunately, DIY design can leave plenty of room for mistakes that can end up leaving browsers feeling confused, or alienated. Have you made any of these common DIY web design mistakes?

Cluttered Website 

Most DIY web designers end up with a design that feels cluttered, which can decrease browser engagement. New designers tend to overload the pages with logos and photos or create too much text that browsers will never read.

Unclear Messaging

Speaking of text, most business owners love their business mission but don’t know a way to clearly state what their business is about. Your website should offer words that share your business goals and clearly state what services you provide. The text should be easy to skim, free of industry jargon, and be enjoyable to read.

Not Easy to Navigate

Browsers need an easy way to contact you for more information, and most will not spend ten minutes exploring your site to find out how to reach you. If your website does not have call to action buttons throughout your clean design, you are missing out on the chance to connect with curious browsers.

We Can Help

Your DIY website was the perfect decision when you were just starting out. It gave you the chance to stretch your creative muscles and provided your business with an online presence. Your DIY site may have even captured the attention of new customers. However, it is a wise investment to have our team take a look at your site and offer improvement.

The Seach SEO Chicago team specializes in creating engaging and clean websites for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the country. We can make sure your message is clear and your site is beautifully branded. Let’s create something together that will take your business to the next level.

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