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Using Video to Maximize Sales

Your online presence includes several factors including your company’s website. However, most business owners choose to invest in a website and then leave it up to search engines to bring in customers or clients. Unfortunately, this will not work and if this is your current business plan, you will end up disappointed and frustrated.

In order to make the most of your online engagement and search scores, you need to reach your customers in unique ways. One way to capture their interest is to use video. While you may shy away from using video initially, once you realize that customers engage with their eyes and ears, you will see that video is an excellent addition to your online marketing plan.

Video content ideas
Videos can be professionally shot, or can be shot using your cell phone. Try recording a happy customer talking about what they loved about working with you, or encourage customers to submit their own videos with your product on your website. Take online browsers on a tour of your office or share videos of staff talking about their commitment to clients. Share videos of your product in action or to drum up excitement about an upcoming product release. Videos are a wonderful way to connect with customers while highlighting the personality of your business culture.

Where to use videos
You can, and should, use videos throughout your online spaces. Try a professional video or two on your business home page, but don’t stop there. Use testimonial videos on your Facebook page and even unboxing videos on your business Instagram page. Videos are appropriate to use in your monthly electronic newsletter, and you can take advantage of Facebook’s “live” feature to interact with your customers in real time.

Does the idea of using videos intrigue you, but you are worried about trying it on your own? Let the team at Search SEO Chicagoguide you through the process! We love producing videos for our clients and assuring the videos reach a broad range of potential customers. Call us today to get started.

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