At Search SEO Chicago, we have seen our fair share of businesses who are struggling to produce engaging and quality online content. We have partnered with many business owners to show them how to create an active website and social media presence, all while consistently growing their digital presence and capturing new potential customers.

The key to our success, the key that we pass along to all our clients, is quality content that is unique to them. No matter how sharp a business website looks, or how active the social media websites are, unique content is the best way to make a business engage with new and returning customers.

Skip What Others Say
Plagiarism may be a word you haven’t thought of since high school English class, but it remains a serious violation online as well. While lifting a few sentences from a competitor’s website and pasting them on your own may not give you a failing grade, it remains an unethical practice. Further, copying too much content from another site can negatively affect your own website’s optimization score. Even worse, using another company’s words as your own gives your own business marketing voice a tone of insincerity. Instead of copying someone else, use your own words to make your business shine.

Be Unique Instead
Unique content doesn’t just mean content that is original to you and your business. It also means producing content – blogs, copy, video, and otherwise – that is fun, engaging, and speaks to your customers. The more you practice developing unique content, the better you will become at it and your digital presence will share your marketing voice. Customers will respond well and your overall messaging will be consistent across all spaces.

Providing you with unique content is just one of our specialties here at Search SEO Chicago. Give us a call today to talk about how we can partner with you to increase your digital presence and bring life into your website

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