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Tips for Working From Home

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed many employees out of the office and into their homes, making remote work a new “normal”. If you have never worked from home before, you might be struggling to find your groove and create routines that lead to a smooth workday. Fortunately, the team at Search SEO Chicago has been working from home for years and have developed the tips that can give you a leg up as you join the remote workforce.

Create a Designated Work Space

You don’t have to purchase a desk, filing cabinet, and other office furniture in order to create your home office. However, it is extremely wise to choose a designated workspace somewhere in your home. This could be a certain chair in your living room, a card table in your guest room, or even a section of your kitchen table. Try to only visit this area when it is time to work. This will be a visual cue or trigger for your brain to shift into work mode.

Set a Timer

Working at home is full of distractions, like that load of laundry in the dryer or your child who is trying to navigate virtual learning. When possible, try to maximize your work time by setting timers where you focus strictly on work tasks. For example, set a 40-minute work timer where you only knock out your emails and reports. Then, set a 10-minute timer to fold the laundry or check social media. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can get done during your focused work sessions.

Get Outside

Sitting at home in front of your computer can get tedious quickly, which will make your natural creativity and energy tank. Ensure you are taking time to get outside for a quick walk with your dog or to simply sit in the sunshine. Try to schedule your outside times like a break during your natural workday, which will help keep your body and brain on a schedule.

Connect with Others

Work offers socialization, and that can be hard to come by when you are at home. Try to connect with your coworkers via video calls a few times per week or by using chat systems like Slack or Ryver.

The world is working more remotely than ever right now, making technology and digital marketing a crucial part of your company’s strategy moving forward. Call our experienced team to learn more about how Search SEO Chicago services can benefit you now and in the future.

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