Common Challenges with Working Remotely

Even though the country, including Illinois, is slowly reopening in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many employees are still working from home. If you are working from home, you may be feeling like you are in the groove of this new experience as you have had months of practice. However, you may still be finding the situation challenging as the novelty of your work-from-home experience is quickly fading.

The team at Search SEO Chicago has always worked from home, and we know the ebb and flow of the situation. That experience gives us firsthand knowledge of the challenges you are facing, and how we face them. Here are a few common challenges and how to face them without damaging productivity.

I Just Want to Go Outside

The weather is beautiful outside, which makes it much more distracting for most people who work from home. However, spending too much time outside can decrease productivity and increase distraction. In order to meet this challenge, allow yourself scheduled outside breaks throughout your work day. Set a timer and head out to enjoy the weather for a designated amount of time. You can take a walk with your dog, take a dip in your backyard pool, or play in the sandbox with your kid. Just be sure you head back to your workspace when the timer rings.

My Kids Are Home for the Summer

This is definitely not a “typical” summer, and having kids at home more than often (and not at the pool or camp) can be a distraction for even the most veteran work-at-home employee. Beat the mom or dad guilt by finding a way to successfully work and parent during the summer months. Try getting up a bit earlier than usual to crank out a lot of work while your children are sleeping or getting ready for the day. Or, work with your partner to designate work times and play times so that everyone in the home gets their work done while still having plenty of play time too.

I Miss My Coworkers

If you’ve been out of the office since March, you might be desperately missing your office BFFs. Job satisfaction has been linked to having close peer connections in the workplace, and it can be difficult to feel connected to your coworkers at all during this time. You can cultivate your office friendships by making it a point to meet up in person for a (socially distant) happy hour or coffee break. While this may take a few hours out of your work day, it is worth it in the long run because you feel energized when you return to your desk.

You can make the most of your work-at-home time this summer and beyond!

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