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Why People Aren’t Watching Your Videos

Are you putting in the effort making videos for your website or social media feed only to notice that people simply aren’t watching them? You aren’t alone. Many business owners can struggle with keeping their target audience engaged with video content. However, if you are having issues holding your audience’s attention with videos, there could be an easy fix. Choose to adjust your content instead of quitting video altogether. 

Here are the most common reasons why your audience just isn’t watching your video content.

Your Video Doesn’t Start Strong Enough

Most people online have a short attention span; studies suggest you have about 3 seconds to hook them into watching your video before they continue scrolling on by. Your videos should have a strong introduction in order to keep your audience watching.

Your Video Is Poorly Made

Bad lighting and busy backgrounds can make for a video that looks like it was made by an amateur. Make sure your videos look professionally done, even if you have made them yourself with a smartphone and a tripod.

Your Video Is Boring

Your videos should not be boring; instead, they should give good information while showcasing your personality in order to foster a sense of relationship between your business and your audience. When you create a video, make sure you are choosing an applicable topic and write a script so that you aren’t going “off the cuff”. This will keep your video on track and make it seem more engaging.

Your Video Is Too Long

It takes a dedicated audience to stick with a video that runs more than 30 seconds. Ensure you aren’t overstaying your welcome by making a video that is simply too long and full of too much information all at once. When possible, choose to make your videos shorter in order to make them more impactful.

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