Social Media

Social Media Gives Your Audience A Window to You

Your business is an extension of you. It shows the world something about yourself, but it also says something about the people who buy your product. Social media is no longer the wave of the future—it’s the best way to do business. Further, through the use of social media platforms, you can provide a window for your audience to interact with you.

Types of Social Media

The first thing you think of when you think social media are the big ones: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. But there are a lot of additional platforms available. Using them in the right way is key to business growth online. Further, since there are so many options of platforms, you can pick and choose which ones your customers would likely be on. If you are a frame shop, there is no need to be active on a shopping platform (unless you are selling standard sizes).

Some common platforms for everyone to explore include: discussion forums: where everything is subject and text-based; content curation networks, where creators share ideas and news; consumer review networks, where you may find surprising and honest reviews of products; blogging networks, where most of the internet takes information at face value; interest-based networks, where people of like-minded interest can gather; shopping networks, where there is always a sale and always a deal; trade economy networks, where money and economics and be traded like chickens and produce; or anonymous social networks, where people can speak freely without worry or consequence.

Use Us for Your Business

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