Your Content is Only Part of Your SEO Score

If you’re new to the search engine optimization (SEO) scene, there’s a lot of nuances to learn. SEO is used by all of the biggest search engines in the world. The biggest one, is Google. Essentially, an SEO score refers to how well your content matches internet results to questions. To that extent, SEOs are used by everyone from small businesses to huge corporations in order to place high in the result ranks.

SEO & Content

Based on what has been said, it is clear that content has a lot to do with a successful SEO (and a better search rank). However, looking at content is not the only important thing when creating SEO for a business. Content is merely a vessel for SEOs. In order to have a good SEO score, you need to become SEO friendly.

What Else Goes Into SEO?

The goal for all online websites is being SEO friendly. There are a few ways to do this for your best SEO score. For example, if we look only at the title of an article or content, the title itself should contain one or two words which are related to the topic. When you search things online, the first results always have those words that you searched right? Keep in mind that you are attempting to be more visible for your clientele, so making your content specific, will greatly help potential clients to find you.

Meanwhile, within the body of your content, try to make sure that there are buzzwords inside of the text. Adding links will also help to make you more visible, as links attract the algorithms which find the SEO friendly content.

SEO for Small Businesses

SEO is not something that comes easily for many people. If you’re a business owner, the problems could be too much for you to want to deal with. Instead of becoming frustrated and abandoning the internet portion of your business—call on us at Search SEO Chicago. Our team of designers, marketers and social media managers aim to give you the best online presence possible.

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