How to Make Your Content More Reader Friendly

In the digital space, content is king. Fresh content, introduced on a regular basis, can boost your SEO score, alter social media algorithms, and engage new browsers. However, if your content is not reader-friendly and enticing, you won’t see the results you want. Online readers are busy and fickle; it takes a lot to keep their attention. Here are a few tips when you develop new online content.

Keep It Short But Sweet

Most online content should not be more than 700 words per page. In fact, a landing page or website page should only contain less than 400 words. Communicate your information succinctly so that readers get the info they need without needing to scroll down.

Hey There, Headlines

Using headlines and bullet points to articulate your information makes it easy to digest for busy readers. Use bolded headings throughout your webpage content, or your blog resource posts, to keep readers engaged.

Ditch the Jargon

Even if your business is rooted in technical phrases and jargon, you can alienate most browsers and readers if you write things the average person doesn’t understand. Instead of getting technical, write with a friendly voice and approach complex subjects without confusing language.

Make Your Blogs Useful

Most businesses miss out on the potential of regular blog or resource posts. These articles are perfect for posting to social media and including the link in your emails to clients. Stick to a regular posting schedule and make the topics ones your customers (and potential customers) are headed to the internet to research. Remember, you don’t have to write about topics that are only about your business; you can write about topics that will lead to your services.

Get Some Help

Not everyone is made to be a content writer, and most business owners are simply too busy with other tasks to commit to a consistent content writing and refreshing schedule. The team at Search SEO Chicago offers content writing services for our clients; we take care of a consistent schedule and keep your keywords top of mind during our creative process.

Contact us to learn more about how great content can make your online presence even more effective.

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