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Things to Communicate with Your Online Marketing Team

When you choose to invest your business money with an online marketing team like Search SEO Chicago, you already get a big bang for your buck. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with search engine code or social media algorithms, and you can eliminate the need to write content or redesign your old website. However, communicating with your digital marketing specialists can further increase your business digital footprint.

Here are some things you should be telling us when you partner with Search SEO Chicago.

Changes to Your Address, Hours, or Contact Information

Sometimes your small business needs to move into a bigger location or extend your business hours to meet the needs of your customers. If you have changed the hours, location, or contact information of your business, our team needs to know ASAP.

A New Marketing Contact Designee

When we work with a client, we find it easiest if we have a main point of contact. This designee typically has a marketing role in the business and is our go-to person if we have questions, need feedback, or want to approve design. If this designee changes, we need to know immediately so that we don’t miss any communication with one another.

A New Sale, Promotion, or Push

Do you have a specific goal you are working toward this month or quarter? Tell us about it! We can help tailor content, ads, and other design work to helping you meet this goal. We want to know when you are planning sales, promotions, or other sales pushes.

A Good Review

We keep up with your online reputation, but we would love to know if you get a positive review from a customer in person. We can leverage this positive feedback on your website and social media pages.

Any Rebranding Work

Businesses need rebranding as old designs no longer fit. If you are going through a rebranding effort in your business, your online presence should reflect it as well. Keep us involved with your efforts so that we can adjust your website and digital footprint accordingly.

Our team wants to hear from you and stay updated on what’s happening in your office. Shoot us an email or give us a call to tell us what’s new with you. When we work together, we see the best results.

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