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How Often Should You Be Speaking with Your Digital Expert?

You have a company that has digital components to it just like many other businesses out there. However, you might be worried that you aren’t spending enough time working on the digital aspect of your business. Ultimately, the answer to this question will depend on a range of factors.

What Types of Digital Help and Guidance Are You Receiving?

Different companies may have different arrangements when it comes to speaking to a digital expert. They might have a set time to get together each week or each month, as the case may be. You should have an easy means of contacting them, but it doesn’t mean you should be communicating each day. Constant communication like this, just like having a lot of physical meetings with the rest of your staff, tends to waste time and money.

Consider the type of work you are having them do, as different types of digital experts might handle various content. You may need to confer with the person helping with social media or your blog more often than you do the group that made your website, for example.

Don’t Hover

You’re working with a digital expert for a reason. They have knowledge and experience in this type of work that you simply don’t have. These experts know the ins and outs of what does and don’t work digitally. This means that you don’t have to be looking over their shoulder all of the time to make sure they are doing things right.

You hired them because they are the experts, so you should put your trust in them unless they prove that they can’t be trusted. If that happens, it’s in your best interest to choose another company for your digital experts.

Don’t Neglect Your Questions

Of course, there is also the flip side of this. You don’t want to hover over someone’s shoulder and micromanage them. However, you also don’t want to entirely neglect all of the various digital aspects of running your business. If you have questions that need to be answered or things that may need clarification, by all means, talk with the digital expert. Make a list of what you need to ask and get in touch through the means of contact you’ve already discussed.

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