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End of the Year Updates from Search SEO Chicago

As we roll through the last month of 2019, we can’t help but feel a mix of emotions here at Search SEO Chicago. Not only are we thankful for another successful year serving our clients, but we are also feeling energized about tackling 2020 with enthusiasm and expertise. We consider each client as a member of our extended family, and wanted to take a few moments to give you updates about what’s happening in our neck of the (digital) woods.

Diverse Clients

Throughout the year, our team was fortunate enough to serve clients throughout the Chicagoland area as well as throughout the United States. We currently serve clients representing a variety of businesses including personal injury law, real estate law, product photography, dog training, hospitality, home improvement, and more! Our team loves researching and learning more about each industry, taking our time to discover the nuances of client audiences.

Steady Does It

2019 has been a year of stability and steadiness here at Search SEO Chicago. Thanks to referrals and digital marketing, we have had a steady stream of clients, which makes for a successful year. Our team has worked hard to provide new content, advertising, and digital marketing planning for our clients this year, proving consistency is key.

Looking Forward

As we look into 2020, our team is ready to continue our service to our current clients as well as provide new tactics to communicate best with online browsers. We are committed to continue learning about new industries and how our services can best leverage clients as experts in their area.

Let’s Hear From You

Communication is crucial for your digital marketing success, as we can’t accurately portray your business without information about your office. When is the last time you have checked in with us for a serious conversation about your marketing plans and goals? This time of year is perfect for reflection and for making plans that will launch your business into the new year.

Call us today to set up a time to chat. Cheers to a new year of partnership!

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