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Your Digital Advertising Design

Your business is built in the details. Small and large details can make or break your digital marketing plan as well. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t pay attention to the details in their digital advertising whether due to inexperience or lack of concern. Your digital advertising design can create a positive buzz for your business, or leave customers backing away quickly. Here’s how to pay attention to the details that matter.

Keep It On Brand

Your digital advertising ads should be branded to suit your business. This goes beyond your logo or tagline. Be sure the color palette and font choice complements your brand as well.

Make Message Clear

Your digital advertising is not meant to be extremely detailed and wordy. Instead, your message should be clear and concise, drawing customers to click on the image to learn more about your offer, product or services. 

Natural Photos

While photos are certainly not required for a digital advertisement, if you do choose to use a stock photo in your ad, be sure it looks natural. Also, your photo selection should be representative of the client you are searching for with that particular ad. For example, a photo of an older man may not be the best photo if your offer or message is aimed at a middle aged female audience.

Switch It Up

Most business owners run digital advertisements on a variety of platforms as a long term marketing strategy. If this is your plan too, assure you are changing your advertisement regularly so it doesn’t seem boring or stagnant.

Let Us Help

If you aren’t sure how to get your digital advertising on track, let us help. The experts at Search SEO Chicago can provide you with the images and messages you need to draw in your target audience.

Call us today to get started.

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