Your business is bustling with activity every day. Your team members offer expertise and work hard, all while supporting your mission statement. Your services, your team, and your mission make up the culture or personality of your business. However, with most transactions happening online, how do you keep customers plugged into the personality of your office? Well produced videos can give your new and returning clients a glimpse of your office at work, and can create a brand loyalty for your services.

Why is personality important?
When you go to a favorite restaurant or store, you likely know the experience you are going to receive. The experience, the team, and the services are what brings you back again and again. This culture, or personality, of the restaurant or store seeps through all aspects of your time spent there. Without the chance of welcoming customers into your business office, your customers are missing out a full experience at your business.

How do videos give personality?
Well produced videos give online browsers a sneak peek into your office. They can see what is important to your business, and who is filling their orders or providing their services. It’s a fun “backstage pass” way of connecting with your customers and can make return purchases more likely.

How can I incorporate videos?
Try using videos throughout your online marketing plan, including posts on social media and on your business website. You can do quick staff introductions or interviews, as well as teasing a new product launch by giving hints in a series of videos. You can also use videos as an alternative to written testimonials. What is better than seeing an actual happy customer talking about their experience?

If you are ready to make video production a part of your online marketing plan, our team is ready to help. The staff at Search SEO Chicago can make your video look professional and on brand, while still expressing your personality. Let’s talk about it and get started!

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