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What You Should Be Talking About This Summer

Have you started looking ahead at your summer marketing plans and goals? Here at Search SEO Chicago, we coach our clients to strategically plan in order to maximize marketing efforts and money. If you are looking for ideas to spur your summer blogs, content, and copy, we have you covered.

Moms, Dads, and Grandparents – oh my!
Don’t forget to tie family celebrations into your marketing campaigns this summer, if applicable. May holds Mother’s Day, June is the month to celebrate Father’s Day, and Grandparents get in on the fun in September. Plan some of your blog content, and some of your sales or promotions, to honor these celebrations.

The summer months can bring some serious dangers; if your business can benefit from any content about safety topics, consider tailoring your articles towards seasonal topics. Try water safety, sunscreen best practices, and even travel safety.

Patriotic Celebrations
Honor America by creating promotions and blog content that highlights Independence Day and Memorial Day for readers. Remember to tie the article into your services in order to have optimum reach.

Summer Games
Have some fun with customers, and increase your online engagement, by promoting a summer only special that is tied to the weather. Consider a discount on any day it reaches 100 degrees or warmer, or a chance to win a free service if you stop by the office wearing a pair of company sunglasses.

Social Media Fun
Don’t forget to have some fun online by having readers post photos of their favorite summer ice cream sundae or other silly and seasonal item. They could win a prize from you, and you benefit from the extra engagement and views on social media.

Don’t let marketing planning give you the summer blues – our Search SEO Chicagoteam includes a writer who is great with pitching fun ideas that match your business. Let us take care of writing the content that will engage your readers and establish you as an industry expert.

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