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Selecting and Creating Images for Your Social Media Feed

Your business social media feed is a crucial part of your digital footprint. It’s no longer acceptable to think that a business Facebook or Instagram page is just a passing fad. Customers are connecting with their favorite businesses and finding new ones while scrolling on their phone; if you don’t have a social media feed that is engaging and fun, you are missing out on new customers or clients. 

A major part of social media is the emphasis on images and photos. Use less words to get your point across by selecting and creating images that do the talking for you. Here’s how to do it.

Beware of Stock Photos

Stock photos are useful in some situations, but they can end up looking fake or tacky when you use them as the main image of your social media posts. Be wary of using photos where the actors look like they are staring right into the camera or are not smiling genuinely. Photos with too many vectors or logos can also look too busy.

Brand Your Images

You can use sites like Canva to create excellent images that highlight a pull quote from your latest resource post or feature an upcoming sale. However, if you don’t brand the image with your logo and contact phone number (or web address), you won’t get the traction if the image is shared among friends. Always brand your images if the content is your own, and never share images from competitors.

Lighting and Background

Just like your business videos, you can create exceptional photos for your social media feed right in your office. Your photos can look ametuer if you don’t have a well-lit subject, so ensure your subject gets plenty of natural light. Further, a cluttered background can look awful; make sure your photos feature a simple background. You can even carve out a space in your office that has the best natural light and create a simple background for quick photos throughout the month.

Post Them

Finally, don’t forget to post your images to your social media feed in an organized way. You can schedule photos via the social media platform, use a service like Hootsuite or work with the Search SEO Chicago team to develop a social media strategy that makes sense while engaging your audience.

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