What Is Content Pruning for SEO?

Search engine optimization, known to most people as SEO, is an important process for any business or website that is trying to get noticed in Chicago. When you’re creating content, you know what you want out of your vehicle. However, when it comes to maintaining your existing content, many companies drop the ball.

If your content is outdated, thin, or isn’t unique enough, it can impact your search rankings. There are several factors at play here, but there’s a tool that you can use to set your content apart. For you to better understand this, think of maintaining your content as a gardening hobby.

Content pruning is exactly what it sounds like if you’ve got that in mind: cutting away the dead, dry pieces so that all the healthy “branches” have room to grow and improve your rankings. As a form of maintenance, it focuses on helping you improve low-converting content, thin pieces, duplicate material, or irrelevant posts.

With content pruning, you will be able to find and get rid of these pages, either by improving them or getting rid of them and replacing the material with new content or a better content strategy. When you do this, you are doing two things:

  • Giving your users fresh, relevant content
  • Giving Google the fresh, unique content it demands

Why Content Pruning?

This practice essentially cuts out the low-performing traffic and the low-traffic pages so that the rest of your content has space to attract audiences. You can help improve your website rankings. You will also be able to improve the experience of users when they visit your website. This ensures they don’t land on outdated or dead pages or products.

This also helps you prevent the waste of money and resources. When you prune your content, the search engine indexers will focus on the fresh changes and help improve your rankings without wasting energy or resources on material that isn’t worth the time or energy.

As a website owner, content pruning needs to be a part of any successful content maintenance strategy. This can help you feel more in control, give you a better idea of what you’re offering your users or visitors, and help you spruce things up so that you can continue to outpace the competition. As part of your overall content strategy, it’s perhaps one of the most important parts. Do some content pruning on your site and see what kind of dead material you can trim off to let the best material shine.

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