Privacy Concerns are Top of Mind for Your Customers

The past few years have been a real awakening for most internet users, as the majority of us have slowly realized the lack of regard for privacy on the parts of most major internet powerhouses like Facebook. Privacy concerns can make even the most expert internet user feel a bit more anxious about sharing certain information online. Here is how privacy worries could potentially affect your business.

Less Facebook Traffic

Facebook has been in the hot seat when it comes to privacy issues for a few years now. While only a small percentage of users have expressed their disapproval by deactivating their Facebook accounts, your business Facebook page may see less traffic as customers are choosing to check their Facebook pages less and less.

What does this mean for your business? It is still crucial to maintain an active Facebook business page. However, now may be the time to also try out another social media option to meet new and old customers online. Talk to us at Search SEO Chicago to get started. We can help you find a social media venue that is popular with your target audience.

Less Information Given

Online customers or browsers may also be less inclined to give their personal information online. While it is important to still have contact forms for customers to submit on your business website, you may consider paring down what you are asking them to provide. You would rather have the chance to get their information and follow up than ask for too much information and risk them not submitting the information at all.

Your contact form should ask for a name and how they would like to be contacted, as well as a general question. Then you can follow up to get more information via phone call or more personalized approach.

Privacy concerns can affect the mood of your customers and can prevent you from building trust online. When you work with the team at Search SEO Chicago, we tailor your digital presence to be welcoming and trustworthy, giving your potential customers the ability to relax and engage.

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Andrew Sansardo

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