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Know Where You Are Going: Your Quarterly Plan

Are you setting resolutions for 2019 in regards to your business? If so, may we suggest implementing and committing to a quarterly marketing plan? Throughout our time working with clients, the team at Search SEO Chicago has seen the positive effects a quarterly marketing plan can be in capturing new customers and generating new business.

If you are new to quarterly planning, or if you want to brush up on your skills, here are a few ways to make this practice successful.

Get the Right Team

Your quarterly marketing plan team should include consistent people. Draw participants from a few different departments of your company, which will help you get different points of view.

Set a Regular Schedule

Meet with your quarterly planning team at least monthly. To keep everyone on the same page, schedule your meetings for the entire year right now.

Food and Brainstorming

Encourage a professional but creative atmosphere by keeping your meeting casual. Order in lunch and encourage brainstorming. Great ideas can come from anyone in your company, so be sure to offer lots of positive feedback.

Know Where You Are Going

As you plan your quarter, it is crucial you know where your company is going. Your marketing plan should support any business goals or milestones and should coordinate with “in real life” marketing goals just as much as digital ones.

Promotions and Engagement

Develop your social media promotions, as well as ideas for engaging blog posts that match each month’s theme or goal. It is much easier to plan a coordinated marketing strategy when each component ties together with the next. Once your blog and social media themes are set, work on your banner advertisements to draw people to your sites.

Get Help

Are you having problems sticking with a quarterly marketing plan? If you are, you are missing the chance to appear well organized with customers. Let the team at Search SEO Chicago help you meet your quarterly plan goals.

Make this year the year you decide to quarterly plan and be strategic about your marketing efforts. You can do this!

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Andrew Sansardo

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