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How Often Should You Be Updating Your Website with New Content?

There are many different arguments on how often you need to update your website content. Some people believe that adding a new blog a month is enough, while others say you should update your blog daily. We believe that somewhere in the middle is best. If you add too many new details to your website, too quickly, it can appear to search engines that your site has little stability. This is not an ideal goal. Instead, we think you should add new content regularly, which means 2-4 new blogs per month as a minimum.

Point of Adding New Content to Your Website

When you build a website, people can come and see what you have to offer, so why should you take the time to add new content? This tells both your visitors and search engines that informing your visitors is important to you. This boosts your overall SEO because it shows that your goal is truly to inform people who visit your site.

You can also update old content and bring about new information. This is another way of showing that your visitors matter, especially to search engines. They like updated content because it shows that you value honest information. This helps your customers know they can trust your advice, and it also helps search engines understand that your website is not only there as a placeholder.

Regular Content is Incredibly Important

It is incredibly important that you do not set up a website that ignores content. When life gets busy, you may not have as much time to add content as you once did. Frankly, that’s a great problem to have since it often means business picked up! However, you still do not want to ignore content. You want to make sure that new content is going up at least a couple times per month.

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