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What Are Display Ads and Can They Save Me Money?

Responsible business owners already know attracting customers online is just as important (if not more important) than finding new customers offline. In the digital world we live in, most customers are choosing to search for products or services online first, before looking at brick and mortar storefronts. If you are not adapting your marketing approach to suit the online world, you are missing out on more than half of your potential client base.

An effective way to find new customers online is to advertise. Similar to taking out advertisement space in a local newspaper, display ads can generate interest and clicks to your website. Here’s a bit about this approach.

What are display ads?

Display ads are also known as banner ads. The two terms are often used interchangeably and essentially mean the same thing. Display ads are a combination of photos and words, like a billboard, that show up on the computer screen of potential customers. Ads come in a variety of sizes and give customers the chance to engage with your website.

You’ve seen display ads throughout your personal online use. Maybe they pop up on the side of the New York Times article you are reading or in the middle of the listicle you clicked on while on social media. Your business can have these online ads as well, and they can be quite profitable.

How are these different than other ad options?

Display, or banner, ads are not your only choice when it comes to finding online promotion. You can also use Google for your ad service. However, when done correctly, display ads can actually save you money while getting similar results to Google ads.

While both display ads and Google ads are great ways to reach your clients, you may be able to develop a marketing plan that keeps your costs down while increasing your customer engagement. The team at Search SEO Chicago is ready to develop such a plan, tailored for your unique business needs. Give us a call today to get started.

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