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Dangers of Inconsistent Branding

Are there any dangers to inconsistent branding? As a business owner, you might have asked yourself this question. If so, then you have touched on an important topic, one which, incidentally, many business owners struggle with. Branding is an essential part of business, and doing it wrong can actually set your company back a long way. Obviously, there are several dangers involved when you set out to create a professional image. Today, we will be talking about one of the biggest dangers—inconsistent branding.

Sends Mixed Messages

The first problem with inconsistent branding is that it sends mixed messages. Clients and customers always want a clear understanding of what your company has to offer. Think of it this way. You would not understand if a luxury car company to suddenly turn around and brag about having the best cheap cars on the market, now would you? This would probably make you wonder what the owners were thinking!

Undermines Client and Customer Trust

Given the example above, you can see how inconsistent branding also undermines trust. If a company cannot even keep its messages straight, how can you, as the client or customer, believe them when they talk about even legitimate service offerings or products?

Creates Confusion

What’s important to understand is that inconsistent branding doesn’t have to be as extreme as in the example above. It can be much more subtle. Picture, if you will, a high-end chocolate company using Papyrus font instead of their usual serif font. You as a customer might not even recognize the brand! The human eye is a pattern-recognition instrument, and in a world full of distractions, businesses must make themselves recognizable and memorable.

Slows Company Momentum

One reason many business owners fall into the trap of inconsistent branding is that they are actually trying to make something people will remember. They want to be creative and make an impression. In some sense, they get carried away by their creative vision. On the other end of the spectrum, some business owners simply do not have a clear idea of where their company is heading. Either way, inconsistent branding slows company momentum. Companies have a limited amount of energy, resources, and time, and in a competitive market, not having a consistent brand is like entering a swimming competition without knowing what lane you are in.

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