You work hard to assure that your business has an excellent reputation. No matter how great your product might be, you know the value of an excellent customer experience when it comes to referrals and building a reputation of excellence. You might be managing your business reputation well, but how are you doing managing your online reputation?

Online Reputation Management services are included in your monthly fee when you work with Search SEO Chicago. We know that a poor review that goes online without an immediate response from the business can mean negative consequences. To grow and maintain your online reputation, and to prevent damage from any poor reviews or experiences, our team works diligently to patrol your social media feeds, Yelp reviews, and other online sources.

We love when we see a business we work with get an excellent review or positive feedback about their experience on a social media platform. We can leverage these positive remarks by converting the feedback to an advertising campaign, newsletter review, or website testimonial. We are also sure to pass along the good news to you so that you can enjoy a pat on the back.

However, sometimes even the best business receives a bad review or has a customer post about a less than stellar experience. In these cases, we strive to make you aware of the situation as soon as possible so that you can provide a response to the customer. A few poor Yelp reviews can do significant damage to your business in terms of recruiting new customers or browsers. We work hand-in-hand with you to assure that we are responding appropriately and getting your online reputation back on track.

Unless you are actively monitoring your social media accounts and researching your reviews online often, you are at risk of missing important marketing benefits. Let us do that work for you; we keep an eye out for your business.