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Common Mistakes Businesses Make When Branding

Are you trying to brand your business? If so, then you likely already know about making sure some things all match up, so you become easy to recognize. However, many people give branding a try, only to have it backfire. They make some common mistakes, and it plays out with their audience not really knowing who they are. In order to avoid that, here are some of those mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Not Getting Started on the Right Foot

Part of what gets branding started is going through and making choices. You want to have a logo that represents you, along with a color palate. You want consistent looks, feels, and verbiage that go with anything from your company to a consumer. These simple choices before you begin can make a huge difference. Not making these choices can be the difference between branding successfully or not.

Giving Too Much or Too Little

Another mistake many businesses make is either giving too much or too little in terms of branding. This means either getting way too complicated or being way too generic. You want something in the middle decide who you are and who you want to be seen as. Then, make a simple, but memorable choice on what that means. That is what goes into your decision-making at the start.

Inconsistent Branding Choices

So, you just found out that a big change is coming. It is going to be the biggest thing you have ever faced. That means write it up and get it out to your audience this instant, right? Nope. You need to take the time to ensure it sounds and looks like your brand first. This simple inconsistent move can make waves that are difficult to overcome for a long time.

Let Us Help You Establish Your Brand

Want to find out how to get yourself going the right way from the start? Then call us here at SearchSEO Chicago today. We can set up your brand and be there to help you use it in a way that is going to make the biggest impact possible.


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