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Change Is Good: Keeping Your Website New and Exciting

When is the last time you gave your business website a bit of a facelift? Even if you are in love with the design of your website, changing it up often is a wonderful way to keep customers engaged, and to make monitoring content for accuracy easier in the midst of your busy to-do list. Wondering what to change, or how to make a change without causing confusion? Here are just a few ways that you can make effective change on your website, according to the experts at Search SEO Chicago.

Slim it down
All too often, we see clients with websites that are simply too much. A confusing website can deter clients from continuing to learn more about you and your services. All too often, business owners try to cram too much information onto the home page, in the hopes of giving browsers all the information at once. Unfortunately, this can be more confusing to potential customers.

Take a look at your current business website and see if you may be able to slim it down a bit. Your home page should have a way to contact you, a few sentences about what you offer, and your logo before customers even scroll down. If you have more than this information, you could possibly benefit from a bit of a trim.

Add resources
Does your website have a resource library full of informative blog posts? Not only do these blog posts give traction on social media and boost your SEO score, these articles will also establish you as an industry expert and give clients a place to see reliable information before contacting you for more.

A better design
Perhaps the content, or words, on your website are perfect, but your design is too busy. A good design and layout can make or break your client online experience. See if the colors are too loud or compete with one another, if the font choice is too small, or if the photos look authentic. Each of these design options can have a positive or negative impact on customer engagement.

Get help
If you are ready for a change, but are not sure where to start, give our team a call. We would love to set you up with an evolving and beautiful website that will keep clients engaged. We offer full service digital marketing services, including regular blog posts, updated content writing, design services, banner advertising, and more. We would love to partner with you and make your website one you will be proud of.

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