Blog Topics That Can Be Customized for Any Industry

When it comes to your company’s online presence, content is king. Your content strategy is an important part of your digital marketing plan, and webpage optimization, as well as your reputation, can often hinge on the content you are producing. 

Even if you love to write and create resources, it’s common to feel less than inspired sometimes. Fortunately, you can compose a quick blog post with any of these topics, no matter your industry.

Common Questions About…

This is an especially great topic to write about if you have been experiencing the same questions over and over in the past few months. You can not only address common questions, you can also choose phrases that will resonate with new clients. Don’t forget to tie in plenty of links to different pages within your website!

How To Choose A…

This topic allows you to highlight the best parts of your business that outshine competitors. Frame the points as to what to look for when choosing a lawyer/plumber/copywriter, and talk about why your business has the best features.

Common Problems and Solutions…

Outline common problems that often require your services and then write about how your services are an excellent solution or fix to the issue.

A Note From Our Team…

Readers and potential clients love when business leaders get a bit personal. Once in a while, compose a note to your clients talking about new team members, what’s been happening in the office, goals you have met, etc. It’s an excellent way to build a relationship with your followers.

Blogs We Love

Steer clear from highlighting competitors here, but do take time to write (and link to) a few partner sites. This is a fun one to highlight on social media since you can tag the partners you write about in the blog.

Coming up with a blog topic month after month, in addition to your other digital content, can be draining. Leave it to the team at Search SEO Chicago; our experts provide services to improve your content and digital marketing strategy, including blog writing. 

Call us today to talk more about your goals so that we can help you meet them.

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