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How to Ask for Client Reviews

Your business relies on positive word of mouth reviews online and off. If you don’t already have a designee in your office to focus on online reputation management, you can make that adjustment easily. Online reputation management includes multiple techniques to assure your business has favorable reviews online. 

Did you know consumers must read 10 favorable reviews before they feel they can trust a business? That means if your business has only a few reviews total, no matter how favorable, potential clients are less likely to reach out to you. 

Although we are living in an online world, most consumers are still not regular online reviewers. This means you will have to start to ask for reviews in order to begin building and fortifying your online reputation. Here are a few ways to do it.

Ask at the End of Service

For businesses that work with clients long term, such as a contractor, you can ask verbally for a review during your final walk-through or interaction with the customer. Tell them the importance of online reviews and what a big difference it can make to your business. Then, tell them how to make a positive review.

Include Information on Invoices

You can also solicit positive online reviews by including information on your invoices or receipts. Again, tell customers why online reviews are important as well as the site they can write a review on (Yelp, Google, etc.).

Solicit on Social Media

Your social media followers are already online, so why not direct them right to a review site via a social media link? You can even ask them to comment on your original post once they have written the review and choose one comment to win a prize as a sign of your thanks.

Feature Online Reviews on Your Website

A good way to drum up additional online reviews is to feature current reviews on your company’s website or social media page. People may be more likely to complete their own review once they see how you use that information.

Include a Link in Your Newsletter

If you have an electronic newsletter that goes out to current and previous clients, ask for reviews there. You can make it even easier by giving direct links to Yelp or Google.

The team at Search SEO Chicago knows how to direct you toward better online engagement with your customers, including reviews. Call us today to hear more about our services and how we can help you meet your business goals.

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