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5 Steps to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Email lists are important to keep customers appraised of sales, build trust, and communicate in general. Unlike on social media, having someone’s email gives you a direct method to reach them. For instance, you might have thousands of fans on Facebook but how many of them see your posts?

Whether someone chooses to click on your email is up to them, but they’ll at least see it there and can make that decision. Building your email list is essential if you don’t want to miss out on potential customers. We’ll be sharing a few steps to bulk up that list.

1. Create a Website Link

It’s a good idea to have a way for people to opt into your email list straight from your website. Make this what they see first when they visit or create an overlay on the top bar that reminds them to sign up. This is a good way to get emails without being too pushy about it.

2. Build a Pop-Up

You’ve probably seen a website where a pop-up comes up that asks for you to subscribe to a newsletter or blog. This is an effective and simple method but you have to be transparent about what you are offering. Tell them why you need their email as you want to continue building trust.

3. Offer a Free Course or Ebook

Another great way to grow your email list is by offering something visitors want. This might be a webinar or an ebook on topics that are relevant to your brand. Customers will be more likely to share an email address if they get something useful from it.

4. Promote a Contest

Use those social media accounts to host a contest where people can win something. Ask for their email address or other contact information to enter. Followers might go through to your website and then sign up so you can use your email addresses in the future.

5. Consider Guest Blogging

Guest posting on other blogs can give you a chance to engage a new audience. Exposing yourself to new people can lead to new contacts for your email list. Make sure you add a call to action for people to subscribe to the list at the end of your content.

Does it seem like way too much work to grow your email marketing list on your own? There’s no reason it has to be done right from your office. Consider outsourcing the work to Search SEO Chicago who can handle things quickly and conveniently for you. This gives you more time to focus on other parts of your business.

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