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How to Make Pay Per Click Work for Your Website

In traditional advertising, you pay each time your ad is broadcast or displayed to someone. However, with pay-per-click (PPC), you only pay when an individual clicks on an ad. PPC is common on sites like Microsoft Advertising and Google and can be highly effective for many businesses.

PPC advertising is often used to create better brand awareness. The ads should convince consumers to click to take an action. However, putting up ads and hoping for the best isn’t all you need to do.

Keyword Research

One of the most time-consuming aspects of PPC is keyword research but it’s also essential. Your campaign is built around keywords and a single session of research isn’t enough to keep bringing in customers. While it might work for one campaign, it needs to be done again for any that you do in the future.

Your list of keywords should be expansive, exhaustive, and relevant. You don’t want to pay for traffic that has nothing to do with your business. While you may want to use the most searched terms, ones that aren’t as competitive can be just as useful. It may take a while to determine exactly which terms are the best for your needs.

Managing Campaigns

Even after a campaign is made, it needs to be managed. You might be adding in new keywords, adding to a list of negative keywords, or splitting ad groups to target different types of people. All of these things take time and are integral to doing well with a PPC campaign.

Beyond that, you need to determine which keywords are lucrative enough to keep using and which you should avoid to prevent using your entire advertising budget. Plus, your landing pages need the right calls to action and content to align with these searches.

As you might guess, all of these things take time. Expertise can also be useful to get it right without a ton of guesswork. Continual optimization of your PPC campaigns can help you increase your ROI and grow your customer base. However, someone has to put in the hard work to ensure things go smoothly and nothing is forgotten.

Not interested in doing all the work needed to succeed with pay-per-click campaigns? You don’t have to count it out entirely. Instead, consider hiring Search SEO Chicago that works on these campaigns regularly. We can ensure everything is laid out well and offers the benefits that matter most to you.

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