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How to Create a Successful About Page for Your Company Site

Looking at a blank document trying to decide what to include on the about page for your company site can be anxiety-inducting. You might have questions about what people want to know that you should be sure to include. The about page is a great way to let people know your brand is more than a company, it has people behind it.

The tips below can be used to create an about page that results in customers and repeat visitors to your company website.

Name the Page Correctly

Naming the about page correctly is essential. In most cases, keeping it simple with “About Us” or just “About” is the best option. This is what people expect to see and will lead them to click. There’s no need to be clever when it comes to the title.

Explain What You Offer

People who come to your about page want to know who you are, what you provide, and who you provide those things to. There’s no need to provide mission statements or other information. Those things can wait until later on the page if needed. The important thing is to clarify how you can solve the problems of the person visiting the page.

Talk About What Makes You Unique

The next thing you need to do is explain how you’re different than your competitors. It can take some research to find an answer to this but it’s what customers want to know. Think about measurable ways you stand apart from the rest and include that information where it’s easy to see.

Tell Your Company Story

A lot of people want to know what made you get into the industry you’re in. Let them know. Tell your story in a few paragraphs so the customers get a better idea of who you are and where you came from. There’s no need to try to impress, just be honest and give them the information.

Include a Call to Action

End things with a call to action (CTA) that tells customers to take action that keeps them in contact with you. They’ve read all about you so now you can ask them to take a step forward, whether that involves signing up for a mailing list, filling out a survey, watching a video, or something different.

It’s important to include the elements people are looking for when crafting your about page. The information needs to define your company and explain what you do that readers would be interested in. Work with Search SEO Chicago[/sc to make sure your page is perfect and ready to add to your company website.

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