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2023 Trends With Websites

Trends move quickly, especially in the digital space. Technology and preferences constantly update and change, and falling behind means your website and pages look outdated and irrelevant. That’s the last thing anyone wants online in Chicago. It translates to less traffic and fewer views – a sure way to slip into obscurity.

How can you prevent that from happening? Stay up to date on the latest website updates and features. With 2023 just beginning, there’s plenty of time to get your site up to speed! This post offers a brief look at some of this year’s biggest website trends.

90s and Y2K Nostalgia

1990s trends and fashions recently roared back onto the scene in a big way. Everywhere you look, the 90s are here again (with a few key updates). That’s true in the digital space, too, and websites with the 1990s and early 2000s navigational aesthetics are a big trend in 2023.

Pixelated icons, bright color blocks, and intuitive navigation are just a few of the aspects of this retro style. Some websites go literal with their interpretation, allowing users to sort through stacks of CDs to navigate the site. Text-based sites are part of the trend, too. After all, the internet in the 1990s and early 2000s was slow and image-heavy pages would take ages to load.


The use of animation continues to grow and expand in 2023. Currently, animated product reveals, animated loading screens, and parallax zoom scrolling are all trending in website design. Whether they’re interactive and fun for the user or serve to build anticipationthe , animation is here to stay for a while!

Mobile Friendly

Optimizing websites for mobile users is more than trend – it’s a necessity. At this point, half the world’s population uses phones to access the internet. By choosing to prioritize mobile user experience, websites increase traffic and users stay on the pages longer. Make websites mobile-friendly by keeping them lightweight and using media file types such as WebP to incorporate visuals without slowing things down.


As more people speak out concerning accessibility, websites are beginning to offer customization options. Users are more likely to use a website they can tailor to their needs. Offering dark and light options, sound adjustment, and color choices are all simple customizations that increase accessibility.

Final Thoughts

Following every trend isn’t possible, but it’s critical for websites to keep up with the times and add updates. Not every change is aesthetic. A website doesn’t have to be retro to incorporate accessibility features, for instance. Providing a high-quality experience matters the most! To learn more, contact Search SEO Chicago today!

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