What Effect Will AI Have on SEO?

Artificial intelligence is huge right now, which has brought into question what impact it will have on companies. Copywriters and SEO experts in Chicago have seen the technology gaining traction and wondered how it might change the landscape in the future.

While many feel AI cannot create quality content right now, the technology is growing and things are likely to improve in the coming years. New tech may challenge classic SERP results that are showing links when users only want short answers. In this blog, we’ll be looking at how AI might impact SEO moving forward.

What to Expect for SEO in the Future

The main change to expect is that AI will learn how to better understand queries and provide relevant content. However, it’s worth being aware that one query might have several answers.

For instance, if you’re searching for a “lasagna recipe,” you might want a simple set of instructions. However, you also might want a vegan version or some other recipe variety beyond the query you send.

Because this requires additional information, AI will not overtake Google at any time in the near future. The same applies to SEO. When you build content that is optimized for search engines, you may look at current pages along with their titles and content.

This shows you what content is valued by Google to match user intent and the query. However, offering something unique or better than other pages is the best way to succeed. New takes on a topic are appreciated, which is something AI is not capable of doing.

Tips for Creating Good SEO to Compete with AI

As AI starts to get involved in SEO, it will become more competitive and complex. AI can create huge amounts of content fast and inexpensively, so there are two ways to move forward.

  • The first is to build content that is optimized for AI-driven search results. This means creating items like how-to guides and FAQs that easily answer questions.
  • The other method is to ignore quantity and focus more on quality. Having great content is sure to make you stand out.

It’s important to be aware of how SEO might change in the future, whether because of AI or something different. As the amount of content online grows, search engines will need to rely on external ranking signals and domain authority. Building relationships may be an important task in the future. If you need assistance with your SEO strategy for the future, Search SEO Chicago is here to help.

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