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Using Ads to Boost Customer Confidence and Engagement

Digital advertisements are the foundation of your company’s online presence. These ads not only make new customers aware of your services, but also improve your overall digital footprint and marketing strategy. However, not all digital ads are created equal. In fact, here at Search SEO Chicago, we have seen advertisements that can in fact do more damage to a company’s image than good. 

When you sit down to develop online advertisements to complement your marketing strategy for the next quarter, ensure you are thinking about these important elements. A well-done advertisement can not only drive customers to your agency website, but can also boost confidence and engagement.

It Starts with a Photo

A good advertisement begins with a good photo. Steer clear from generic stock photos featuring fake smiles. Instead, choose a photo that represents your target audience (be diverse!) and looks authentic. Your photo should not be too busy or look unrealistic; viewers will not pursue or engage with any advertisement that is confusing, unappealing, or that looks altered.

When possible, use photos that feature your services or product in action. Make your services or product the star of the show, but in real-life situations. 

Include Few Words

Online advertisements are not blog posts, and they shouldn’t have lines of content for browsers to read. Instead, make your ads with just a few meaningful words to draw the reader in. You might have to use an A/B test to determine which words or phrases create the most engagement with your target audience, and that’s okay. Once you know that information, you’ll be able to craft copy that resonates with your audience.

Encourage Follow Up

Boost engagement by having your advertisement include an easy way for readers to learn more. Together with a curated photo and effective copy, you can lead your audience into clicking the advertisement to further engage with your business webpage.

Ensure your advertisement leads the customer to an applicable page of your website. This is not always your home page. Sometimes, a specially-designed landing page is the best option to use with advertisements.

To learn more about how to make your digital ads work for you, call the team at Search SEO Chicago. We are ready to take your ads to the next level to increase your customer engagement.

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