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Staying Motivated After the New Year Excitement Dies Down

For most of the Search SEO Chicago clients, the last quarter of each year is a combination of busy, exhausting, and exciting. If you’ve been running specials to capture and engage clients throughout the months of October, November, and December, the month of January was likely one of rest. However, now that you and your team are recharged and reset, how can you harness the end-of-the-year excitement all year long?

Here are a few ideas and inspiration for staying motivated as the new year excitement dies down.

Start with Quarterly Planning

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – motivation and success are the results of careful planning. As you gather your team to begin planning for the next few months of business and design a marketing strategy that will support that plan, be sure you are meeting in an environment designed for creative thinking. Perhaps get out of the office and meet over lunch, or bring out whiteboards to encourage free thinking. Create an environment where any idea is one to be considered and praise ideas that are outside of your normal operations. 

Host a Contest on Social Media

Your audience is likely feeling a bit disengaged from most businesses in their feed now that the excitement of the holiday shopping season is over. Take advantage of this radio silence by jumping into their newsfeeds with a fun promotional contest. Post an image as well as clear rules for entry into the giveaway before sharing with your audience. Then, use a site like Random Name Picker to choose a winner of a prize, like a gift card for a local coffee shop or a discount code for your services.

Review Your Past Year

If you haven’t already taken serious time to review your past year of business, this month is the perfect time to get it done. You can gain important insight for your next steps by looking at what worked and what didn’t – during the past year. Take a special look at the numbers from February and March of 2019 to see what you can do differently this year to increase business or engagement.

If you are ready to make a major move in your digital marketing strategy, our team is ready to help. Let us know about your goals and allow us the opportunity to get you there with our expert services.

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