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Why a SSL Is a Must For Google

Building a website is easier now than it was ten years ago. This is a good thing, as it allows small business owners to dabble in their online presence. However, the ease of using templates available in website building software can often give business owners a false sense of confidence about serious online marketing skills like SEO and privacy settings.

When most clients come to Search SEO Chicago, they already have a website and most have set online marketing goals. Our clients look to us to revamp their existing website and to increase their online presence in the hopes of reaching new customers. We use our skills in design and our knowledge of SEO techniques to begin the process of increasing visibility. Our SEO methods change based on Google algorithms, and we are constantly updating our client websites behind the scenes to comply with Google best practices.

One way we do this is by utilizing Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. Without going too much into the weeds of internet technology, an SSL is an added layer of protection for customers who are filling out forms or sending payments through a business website. Take a look at your internet browser address the next time you are on another website. Does the address start with “http” or “https”? If you are seeing the “https” option, you are working on a website that includes SSL.

Privacy and trust is an important subject all the time, but especially in the past five years when customer data has been breached by large corporations. Google has recognized this and has taken steps to protect browsers by noting when a page with a form is not using SSL. Utilizing SSL technology is also a part of Google’s SEO algorithm, which means your website should be using it.

Chances are high your business website has the opportunity for a customer to complete a form. This could be a “contact us” easy form or it could be something more substantial. In any case, without SSL, Google will flag the page for customers, which could decrease trust and even negatively affect a sale.

Does your website utilize SSL? Contact us to talk more about your SSL strategies and how to use it to increase trust with customers as well as to increase your SEO.

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